Styling Aids

*Pillow Proof Express Creme 5oz
*Wind Blown 6.7oz
25 Miracle Milk 8.5oz
Beach Spray 4.2oz
Beach Waves Sugar Spray 5.7oz
Big Blowout 3.4oz
Big Blowout 5.1oz
Brew Clay Pomade 3.4oz
Brew Get Groomed 5.1oz
Brew Grip Tight 5.1oz
Brew Stand Tough 5.1oz
Brew Work Hard 5.1oz
Curl Define Pudding 8oz
Curl Enhancing Lotion 5oz
Deep Clean Dry Shampoo 5oz
Full Volume Mousse 12oz
Instant Levitation Mist 5.1oz
Invisible Dry Shampoo 5oz
Lock It Down Hairspray 11oz
Mess It Up Texture Paste 3.4oz
Perfect Coil Oil Gel 11oz
Pliable Paste - Rewind 5oz
Press Agent Styling Cream 5oz
Quick Blowout 4.2oz
Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo 5.3oz
Root Lifter - Guts 10.5oz
Root Tease - Quick Tease 5.3oz
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